We are back!!!!

We are back!!!!

We are sooo excited because we are officially relaunching My Sweet Boutique! Eeeeek! We are screaming from the rooftops right now! But listen up...there is more! Not only is My Sweet Boutique back, we have partnered with our sister company, Sage & Rosé! 


I am sure you are wondering, what is Sage & Rosé?


Sage & Rosé is for our witchy Goddesses out there! We specialize in ritual spell oils crafted and protected by our owner, Lizzie. We also specialize in spell kits, body scrubs, perfumes, crystals, incense, lip scrubs and so much more!


Now back to My Sweet Boutique...do not worry, our Signature Tulle Skirts are back! We are bringing so many unique styles for every type of girl, not just the girly girl, but for our boho goddesses as well! 

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